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Standart Scouring Pad Sponge suppliers

This set of multi-color multi-purpose sponge scourers – with one side absorbent sponge and other side scouring pad is hard wearing, long lasting and excellent for tough cleaning chores with sparkling results. The scouring side is suitable for removing stubborn stains like tough baked on messes, burnt food, grease and grim, while the sponge side is suitable for wiping surfaces clean. Great for the kitchen, garage, and outdoors.Ideal for washing up pots, pans, crockery, cutlery and utensils and for all general cleaning around the house.Also ideal for restaurants or pubs.
Our Features:
A great cleaning sponges scrubber. You will have time to enjoy your honey life because our dish washing sponge is quicker and more effective than other cleaning sponges. Crayons, streaks, food stains are no match for the superior cleaning power of Homsolver sponges. Hope this product will works for your family. 20 high quality pads will outlast any leading brand and cost less than half as much.

Perhaps you are always confused by the oder and bad smell sponges, Now you have better one to select, Cleaning Sponges are easy to keep clean. rinse-fresh technology ensures that no smells inside the sponges, quick dry sponge always keep it from oder. Easy and fast to clean all the tools in your kitchen and other places. Ideal for cleaning dishes, pans, glasses, milk bottles, vases, cups, mugs, toaster oven, barbecue grill, baking pan, sink, non-stick pots etc.

Post-it super sticky notes have 3X sticking power, sometimes you need some extra power so we engineered a second scrubbing side directly onto our magic eraser for when you need that extra boost for more stubborn "stuck on" stains. One side of honeycomb design soft to provide gentle care and more beneficial to absorb, another side offers a unique rippled surface that lifts away dirt, grease, and grime like a magic eraser.ces. Ideal for cleaning dishes, pans, glasses, mil

Our Advantage:
No damage to objects, no scratches, no oily, dry and hygienic, good elasticity, good hand feeling

2.range hood
3.chopping board
5.dishScouring Pad Sponge suppliers
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